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The Scholarship

I fully acknowledge my privilege as a white, Caucasian woman, and understand how the colour of my skin has given me a tremendous head start. I am constantly striving to do better and actively educating myself to ensure my platform and services are more relevant to all kinds of individuals. I have also noticed that I have reaped the rewards and benefitted substantially from coaches and mentors in my community who offered access to scholarships and admission to programs when I could not afford to contribute fully financially. I am extremely grateful for their generosity which has provided unimaginable benefit to my life. Their outpouring of love and compassion and willingness to open their doors to me when I needed it most, played a substantial role in my journey. 

I wish to provide the same opportunity for any young man or woman of any representation or socio economic status through a program called The Scholarship.

I pursued this career as an Immersive Mindset and Soul Coach to deepen peoples connection with themselves, to offer them the space, guidance, and resources to fully step into the greatest version of themselves, and to live their lives more beautifully. An individuals race, ethnicity, or the amount of dollars in their pocket should not interfere with the opportunity to live a purposeful, soul on fire type of life. If it wasn’t for those coaches who gave me the chance to participate and learn, despite my financial circumstances, then I would be in an entirely different place in my life.

It is with belief in equity that I do what I can as a leader in the personal development space, to identify and eliminate unfair biases, stereotypes or barriers that may limit full participation in our system. Coaching is a meaningful investment for any being, but the cost of a personal coach is a very real barrier that prevents large groups of people from accessing such meaningful services. The lack of access to these life changing opportunities can truly limit successful outcomes for many beautiful souls. 

The Scholarship is a program that I proudly offer to any soul who is called to do this work and has been seeking affordable access to 1:1 coaching.

Give Me The Deets


  • The Scholarship is offered every 6 months, with every successful applicant receiving a full 3 months of one-on-one coaching from myself. 
  • This includes a 20min introductory call to outline your intention moving forward, and five 60 min coaching sessions.
  • Successful applicants will have access to ALL the same benefits as a regular coaching client, including text and email support in between scheduled sessions.
  • If you or anyone you know may be interested in applying for The Scholarship, please submit an application below.